Always wanted to know how farm animal feed is made? Or why each type of animal gets its own specially made feed? Anna & Dean can tell you everything!

De Heus, that's us!

Our name is De Heus (say it like Duh Hohs). We’re a company in the Netherlands that makes feed for farm animals! We’re sort of like chefs, but for animals. We make feed for cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, fish... and even ostriches. We have factories all over the world that make this feed. We’re a family business too. But do you know what else is very special about us? We’ve been given a title by the Dutch royal family! So, our full name is Koninklijke De Heus, which means Royal De Heus. That’s right, we’re royalty! That’s us!

Our bulk trucks

Keep an eye out for our green and blue bulk trucks on the roads. These trucks deliver the feed we make from our factories to the farmers, keeping all those animals happy and healthy every day.

Test your knowledge

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