Did you know that cows....

have four stomachs? And there are different kinds of beef calves? Discover more fun facts and cow-related expressions here.

Cow expressions

Did you know that there are also many expressions that mention cows? Have you heard any of these?

  • Until the cows come home – for a very long time, maybe forever
  • A cash cow – something that will make you very rich
  • As awkward as a cow on roller skates – very clumsy or uncoordinated
  • Cow juice – slang for ‘milk’
  • Don’t have a cow, man! – calm down, don’t worry! A phrase popularised by Bart Simpson.
  • A sacred cow – something that is valued highly by many people and may not be criticised, just as cows are sacred in India, for example.
  • What’s the beef? – what’s the problem?

Do you know any more expressions about cows? Let Anna and Dean know and they might add them here!

Did you know?

  • There are special Wagyu cattle, which are massaged for at least 20 minutes every day? That way, their meat becomes extra tender and juicy!
  • A cow has 12 molars and 8 incisors in its lower jaw? In its upper jaw, it only has 12 molars. This allows a cow to eat up to 60 kilograms of feed per day.
  • Beef cows also like to eat onions?
  • A cow doesn’t like the heat? They aren’t very happy in temperatures above 21 degrees Celsius. They prefer to be in the shade or in a cool shed.

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