The chef's ingredients

At De Heus, we make animal feed in huge quantities. But to make all that feed, we first need to buy the ingredients, or as we call them: the raw materials.


We also use leftovers from food made for humans. Sugar, for example, is produced from sugar beet. Once the sugar has been taken out of the beet, what’s left is called beet pulp. Beet pulp makes a great raw material for animal feed. We also use what’s left from a potato after making your potato chips or fries!

By using these leftovers, less food is wasted, which is great for the environmen.

WWhere do raw materials come from?

Raw materials for animal feed come from all over the world. Most farmers grow grass, corn and wheat on their own farmland. Cows eat the grass and corn as it is. Wheat is used as a raw material in the animal feed we make. In addition, leftovers from the food industry (known as by-products) are important raw materials. They are full of nutrients, such as protein. Animal feed often consists of more than 50% by-products.

Raw materials from the rest of the world

De Heus also uses raw materials that come from other parts of the world. Soy is also an important ingredient for our feeds. Since 2015, we have only used soy that has been responsibly produced. This means that our soy meets important requirements for the environment and the people who grow it.

Did you know?

Most ingredients arrive at the factory by boat. Curious about how it works? Take a look inside our kitchen. Or read more about how we make a recipe in The Chef’s Secret.