Cookies for kidzz

We use cookies on this website. But what are cookies and what do they do?

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are kept on your computer, phone or tablet after you have viewed the De Heus Kidzz website. Then when you come Back to our website, it recognises the cookie on your device. So, we can tell if you have visited our website for a second time, or third, or fourth... You must really love it here! We also use cookies to personalise your settings, such as by remembering which page you have viewed most often.

How De Heus uses cookies

When you first visit the De Heus Kidzz website, we ask you if we can place cookies on your computer, phone or tablet. If you click ‘OK’, that means you are giving us permission. We use those cookies only for the reasons we tell you about in the De Heus Privacy Policy. uses three types of cookies

Functional cookies

These are cookies you need to view the website and watch videos, for example. These cookies are not used to send you information later on. Without these cookies, you won’t be able to view everything on the website, and we won’t be able to remember your preferences.

Analytical cookies

These cookies look at how you and other kids view the website, for example which page you visit the most or least. Or they identify whether there has been an error message on a page. This way, we can make the website even more fun. These cookies are anonymous, which means they don’t know who you are or what device you visited the website with.

Marketing and other cookies

Marketing cookies are those that are used to bring you advertisements. These cookies remember what you like and show ads that fit in with that. These cookies also make sure you don’t see the same ad too often and keep track of whether you click on it. Finally, these cookies keep track of whether you use our website on social media, such as Instagram.

Customising and deleting cookies

You can delete all cookies yourself by going into your browser settings. You can also adjust the settings to prevent websites from placing our cookies or other websites’ cookies.  

Click your browser below to find out how you can adjust the settings: 

Please note that if you disable certain cookies, the website may not work properly. Our cookie policy or the cookies placed may change. If so, we will update the policy and the list of cookies we use immediately.

The most recent version of this cookie policy was published on 1 September 2018. Any questions?

If you have questions about cookies, then please email