A language of their own

Have you ever wondered whether pigs can talk to each other? Anna & Dean have the answer: yes, they can!

What sounds do pigs make?

A grunt isn’t just a grunt. Each sound has its own meaning for pigs. Pigs talk to each other in their own pig language. Anna & Dean explain exactly what each grunt means:

Normal grunt

This grunting sound lasts less than half a second. A pig grunts like this when it is rooting or in response to a familiar sound.

Short grunt

A pig makes this short grunt if it is excited or scouting for something.

Short grunts, one after the other

A series of short grunts means hello! But if the grunts sound harsher, the pig is saying that it’s afraid and feels threatened.

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bron: Animal Planet

More grunts...


A pig in charge of the other pigs makes this noise if it is being bothered by one of its minions.

Sharp, loud grunt

A boss pig makes this noise to threaten another pig.

Long grunt

This sound can last more than a second and is used to keep in contact with other pigs, especially when the pig is content.


When a pig makes a noise that sort of sounds like a scream, it means the pig is excited.

Soft, long grunt

A sow makes this sound when she wants to mate with a boar. In pig farming, they call this ‘in heat’. The sow would like to be mounted.


A pig makes this noise when it’s in pain.

Anna and Dean meet the pigs

Anna and Dean visit a pig farm

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