The chef’s secret

At De Heus, we have a lot of chefs who make the animal feed. To make animal feed, you also need a recipe. That’s why there are so many clever people working here who know everything about animals and what they like to eat.

Making recipes

Our animal nutrition experts know exactly what ingredients we need to make a tasty and healthy meal for cows, chickens, pigs and other animals. They then come up with the recipes that our chefs use to make the feed in the factory.

A recipe for every species

There are large farms, small farms, farms where the animals go outside and farms where the animals stay inside. But an animal’s breed, its age, its health and the climate in the shed where they live all have an influence on it as well, which affects what it eats. All these differences are taken into account by the nutritionists when putting together the best recipe possible. Every farm gets its own feed, completely adapted to its own animals!

Do you know how many animals we feed?

This is how many animals De Heus feeds every day in just the Netherlands:

  • 36,700,000 chickens
  • 1,770,000 pigs and 2,000,000 piglets
  • and our cattle feed sustains enough cows to help them produce 5,500,000 kg of milk every day.

Tips on giving a presentation

Giving a presentation can be quite stressful, but with these tips from Anna and Dean, you’ll be sure to do well. Check them out!