Where does a pig live?

There are many pig farms in the world. Some farms breed pigs, while others rear (raise) them. Anna & Dean explain the difference between pig farms.

Pig rearing farms

Most pig farms consist of a combination of a rearing farm and finishing farm. A pig farm where sows (female pigs) live and piglets are fed is called a rearing farm. On the rearing farm, the piglets stay with their mother for about four weeks. Think of it like a maternity ward. Then they go to the weaning section, where the piglets live in small groups and have toys to play with.

At this stage, the piglets are given special piglet feed instead of milk. This process is called weaning. The mother (sow) then goes back to the stall to become pregnant again. After six weeks in the weaning section, the piglets move to a finishing farm when they are about ten weeks old.

Breeding farms

The sows on a rearing farm come from a farm that breeds special female piglets: the breeding farm. Once the female pigs are old enough to have their own piglets, they are sold to a rearing farm.

Finishing farm

Pigs usually live in cosy, close-knit groups of 12 to 15 animals on a finishing farm. They can play with each other and with their toys here. Pigs grow very intensively on a finishing farm. They weigh more than 120 kilograms after just four months! Once the pigs are heavy enough, they go to the slaughterhouse. One porker supplies about 95 kilograms of meat. The rest consists of meat, bones and intestines. Curious about the life of a pig? Anna & Dean can tell you more about this too!

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