Test your knowledge about cows

Do you know what it means when a cow is in heat? Or how long a cow is pregnant for? Test your knowledge about cows right here!

Test your knowledge about cows

Sometimes, when you’re giving a presentation, you might need to ask the audience questions. Why not test your own knowledge here? You could use some of these questions in your own presentation. Did you know you can also download a PowerPoint here? It will help you ask your class questions with style.

Test your knowledge


A cow has four stomachs. That’s why a cow or bull grazes and chews so much!

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  • White veal and
  • rosé veal.

White veal comes from calves aged between 23 and 28 weeks at the time of slaughter. They get special food, especially milk, so that their meat stays light in colour. Rosé veal comes from calves up to the age of one. Rosé veal calves eat differently from white veal calves.

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A cow eats 40 to 100 kilograms of feed per day.

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A cow drinks 100 to 200 litres of water a day.

This means she is fertile and ready to become pregnant with a calf.

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A cow is pregnant for about nine months, just like a human.

This is the period when a cow produces milk after she has given birth.

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On average, a cow has four or five lactation periods. That means she gives birth to four or five calves and produces milk throughout that whole period. But there are also cows that we call ‘100-tonners’. These cows produce more than 100,000 litres of milk over 12 to 13 lactation periods in their lifetime.

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This means the time a cow is out in the field eating grass.

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