Test your knowledge

Do you know the difference between a laying hen and a broiler? How can you tell whether an egg has been fertilised? Test your knowledge right now!

Test your knowledge about chickens

Sometimes, when you’re giving a presentation, you might need to ask the audience questions. Why not test your own knowledge here? You could use some of these questions in your own presentation. Did you know you can also download a PowerPoint here? It will help you to ask your class questions with style.

Test your knowledge

about chickens

A flock.

Using its comb or by panting.

By shining a light through it.

One lays eggs and the other is reared for meat.

Determining whether it’s a male (rooster) or female (hen).

Hmm, what do you think? Actually, it's a trick question. Because sometimes the rounder end comes out first and sometimes the pointy end does. Isn't that funny? That's because the egg turns as it travels through the oviduct (the tube). So, one egg comes out rounded end first and another will come out pointy end first.

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