Do pigs have their own secret language?

19 June 2024
2 minuten

Are you curious and want to know if pigs can talk to each other? Anna & Dean have the answer: Yes, they can! They don't use words, but they can let each other know how they feel with sounds.

Pig sounds

Not all oinks are the same. Each oink has a special meaning for pigs. This is how pigs "talk" to each other in their own pig language. Anna & Dean explain exactly what each oink means.

Normal oink

This oinking sound lasts less than half a second. A pig makes this oink when it is rooting around or reacting to familiar sounds.

Short oink

A pig makes this short oink when it is excited or exploring something new.

Quick, repeated oinks

This means “Hello!” if it's a quick, soft oink, but if it sounds loud, the pig is saying that it is scared and feels threatened.


A pig that is the boss of the other pigs makes this sound if one of the others bothers it.

Long Oink

This pig sound can last more than a second and is used to keep in touch with other pigs, especially when the pig is happy.


When a pig squeaks, it sounds like a sort of scream. A pig does this when it is very excited.

Soft, long oink

A female pig (sow) makes this sound when she wants to mate with a male pig (boar).

Excited oink

Piglets make excited sounds when they are drinking. The sow makes this sound when her piglets are drinking.


When pigs fight, they can really yell at each other.


Pigs make this sound when they are in pain.


Pigs make a different sound when they are looking for food.

Do you get it?

So, you see, pigs make lots of different sounds. But do you understand what they are saying? Because we don't understand any of it. Luckily, the pigs do understand each other!

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