Anna and Dean visit calves on a farm

20 July 2022
5 minutes

Anna and Daan are curious about the calves on the farm. They are going to see how calves grow up on a dairy farm. They discover how the farmer ensures that the calves grow up healthy. Take a quick look at the new video of Anna and Dean.

Calves on the farm

Did you know that cows only give milk after giving birth to a calf? Just like in nature, the cow has a calf nearly every year. Very occasionally, she may have two!

After the birth

Just after the birth, the calf is given its own housing. Because they can get ill very easily. The farmer needs to be able to monitor them. It's much too dangerous for the calf in the big cow barn.


The first milk that the cow gives the calf is called 'colostrum'. The colostrum is slightly yellow in colour. And packed with important nutrients. The farmer milks the cow for the colostrum. And gives it to the calf himself. He can then check whether the calf is getting enough colostrum and drinking it.

Special blanket

Sometimes it's a bit cold for the calf. So, calves are given a blanket when it's cold. Have you ever seen a yellow ear tag on a calf? This is actually like an earring. Calves have this because it is compulsory. It gives the names of the father and mother. And on which farm the calf was born.

Calf manure

On the first days, calves are housed alone. There's a reason for that. Because calves are very susceptible to illnesses during the first days. Just like all other young animals, their intestines need to get used to the milk. Because the farmer wants to see whether the calf has healthy manure, it is kept separate. When they are big and strong enough, they may join other calves.

Visit the calves with Anna and Dean