Feed factory adventure: how animals get yummy food

24 January 2024
5 minutes

Ever wondered how the yummy food for farm animals is made? Well, get ready for an adventure as we explore the De Heus animal feed factory in The Netherlands! It's not just any factory; it's by the water, and it's like a magical place where special chefs make tasty food for chickens, pigs, and cows. In the video of Anna below, you'll learn all about the journey of animal feed, from big barges bringing ingredients to the exciting mixing and pressing machines that make crunchy pellets.

Watch the video to join the fun and discover how the food gets ready for our farm friends! See the cool machines, meet the chefs, and find out how the food travels from the factory to the farm. It's a journey full of surprises and yummy treats for all the animals. Bye-bye, and see you in the video!

Anna on feed factory adventure!