Have you seen Anna and Dean’s new film about pigs?

09 March 2022
5 minutes

Anna and Dean have just finished working on their new film about pigs. Want to see what happened when they went to meet the pigs? You can find the film at the bottom of this article.

A look around Lizz’s pig farm

Gestation crate

When a sow is pregnant, she lies on the straw in the gestation crate. Gestation refers to the period when a baby is growing inside her, hence the name ‘gestation crate’.  Here, the sows are given special pregnancy feed and can sleep comfortably together.

Farrowing stall

When the piglets are ready to be born, the sow goes to the farrowing stall. The sow shares the stall with her piglets. A single sow can sometimes have a litter of more than 15 piglets!  The bars prevent the sow from lying on top of her piglets. When the sow is lying down, all her piglets can drink from her. 

What do piglets eat?

During the first two days, the piglets drink colostrum (what comes out before breast milk), followed by ordinary milk. The piglets are fed pellets as well. After 28 days, the piglets are weaned so they can leave the sow. This means they must be able to eat for themselves. Curious about what else they eat? Read more about their diet here. 

Staying warm

There is also a heat lamp in the farrowing stall. The piglets are still small and can’t keep themselves warm yet.  So, the lamp helps to keep the nest warm.

Toilet training

Pigs are cleaner than you might think. When piglets are still small, they still have to learn to toilet-train themselves. Until then, their poo and wee falls through a grate. But when they get older, they do their business in a designated place, just like the way we go to the toilet. 

Water, water, everywhere

There is a tap with clean water in the stall, so the piglets can drink whenever they want. Sometimes, they get water with lemon juice. They love the taste, plus it’s very healthy for them. 

A pig’s life

Would you like to find out more about what happens when pigs grow up? Then check out ‘A pig’s life’. 

Anna and Dean meet the pigs

Anna and Dean visit a pig farm