Make your own farm peephole box!

10 January 2023
2 minutes

Find out what there is to see on your very own farm! Transform a shoebox or other kind of cardboard box into a farm. Anna and Dean will tell you how. Let’s join them!

What you need

Download the step-by-step-plan
  • A shoebox
  • Pictures (like the ones on this page or find your own online)
  • Felt tips or coloured pencils
  • (Coloured) paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

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Getting started:

Step 1. Cut a peephole into the front of the box.
Step 2. Choose a background, such as a picture of a farm.
Step 3. Choose animals or crops for your farm.
Step 4. Cut out the pictures and make sure you leave a glue tab.
Step 5. Glue the pictures inside the box.
Step 6. Add a finishing touch to your peephole box with some straw or grass.

Send Anna & Dean your craft creation

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