Make your own sheep

11 October 2022
2 minutes

Anna and Dean love sheep and little lambs. If you do too, Anna and Dean have a fun craft idea for you! Want to join in?

What do you need?

Download the step-by-step-plan
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Scissors and glue
  • Yarn (white)
  • Sturdy black (and white) paper or felt
  • Wiggly eyes (optional)

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Getting started

Step 1. Draw the sheep’s head on black paper in one go, and also draw two pom-pom templates on the cardboard and cut them out. The bigger the templates, the bigger the sheep.

Step 2. Next, place the two templates on top of each other and use the yarn to tie them together. You can now start making the pom-pom! Wind the yarn around the templates. When there is no hole in the centre any more, carefully cut the yarn along the outside in between the two templates. Once you’ve cut all the yarn, tie a string around the yarn in between the two templates and remove the templates. Ta-da!...your sheep’s body is done!

Step 3. Stick two eyes on the head and glue the head to the body. Then cut four legs out of black paper and glue those to the sheep’s body as well.

Tip: you can make lots more fun animals this way, like a rabbit, a chicken, a cow or a pig.

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