Make your own veggie garden

17 August 2022
2 minutes

What do you do with an empty egg carton? And empty eggshells? Did you know you can easily turn them into a veggie garden? Anna and Dean will show you how. Grow your own healthy fruit and vegetables.

What you need:

Download the step-by-step-plan
  • An egg carton full of eggs
  • Potting compost
  • Cress or grass seeds
  • A black felt tip

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Getting started

Steap 1. Ask your mum or dad to only crack the top half of the eggshell when frying eggs. Rinse the bottom half and keep it somewhere safe.

Step 2: Collect as many clean eggshells as possible. Tip: give everybody eggs for lunch.

Step 3: Draw little faces on the eggshells and put them back in the egg carton.

Step 4: Fill each of the eggshells with potting compost until just below the edge.

Step 5: Sprinkle the seeds over the filled eggshells and pour a little water into them every day.

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